The Attila engine's is a T3A-930-30 produced by Tatra on Czech Republic. On picture below you can see the engine model T3-930.50, the turbo V12 from which the T3A derive:
Tatra is one of the oldest company (after Daimler Mercedes-Benz and Peugeot) who produce cars and trucks. It was famous for his innovative indipendent suspensions system and for the integral transmission. Here you can see an example: this is a indian militar truck who has a 12x12 integral transmission with indipendent suspensions!
Our engine is a V12 originally air cooled and naturally aspirated.
It was very used, besides in the military field, in sportive competitions like Parigi-Dakar, truck-trial race and speed track race.
Down here we show to you a few photos of the use of Tatra in the competitions:
The Tatra Dakar winner of the homonymous rally in 1994 and 1995...
...two pictures of truck-trial use...
...the speedtrack version...
...and at the end our engine:
Obviously Giuseppe has made many changes.
It was added the water injection on aspiration pipe to support the increment of compression ratio and to lower the engine temperature, the diesel fuel pump was setting to guarantee a plentiful diesel fuel supply in all the 12 cylinders. At first we installed a volumetric compressors, then we realized that this solution wasn't very good because the compressor used was very fragile for this use.
The volumetric compresso was substitute with a couple of turbine derivated by a truck, with better results in terms of performance and reliability.
The way to come to optimal performance is already long but we don't lose heart!
Unfortunately the spare parts aren't very simple to find because it isn't commercialized in Italy, so we must search it out of Italy.
And like first year we had to repeatedly make use of spare parts... Here you can see some pistons seized at Lendinara...
The ideas for the future are many: some we will realize other will remain only theory, it will be a long and challenging winter for the team... See you next year!