Do you want to know who we are? Here we are:

We are a great family with a common passion, the Tractor Pulling and a big dream in the hearts: seeing Attila on higer step of the podium!

The team was born from Giuseppe passion's for engines and their world and from the curiosity that the Tractor Pulling gave rise to he.
Curiosity that, at the beginning of 2007 come true with the constitution of Team Area51 and the construction ATTILA!

Honestly it was some time that Giuseppe thought up to construct a puller...he started since 2004 as spectator at Tractor Pulling races, then race after race it was overwhelmed by passion until he doesn't endured otherwise the desire to run personally in the championship.

So he gathered a little group of friends and he explained us all projects. After that, we joined us to start this adventure!
Then... all at work! Giuseppe, Renata, Davide, Marco, Stephen, Simone, Argante, Ugo, Nicole, Paola, Franco and Alessandro started to construct ATTILA!

His name still remember "Attila the Scourge of God"...but honestly the name was donated by the little member of Antonello's family...
Here is Attila, the little family dog!
Returning to the history construction, you don't think it was simple! First difficult: the engine search... Giuseppe has a fix idea: a big diesel engine! And after 3 months of full-times search he found the V12 Tatra casually on April 2007.
The engine conditions when it arrived was not very good, but after 3 days of work the mechanics can heard his sound!
The chassis construction and the optimization of the engine were very binding, but at the end this was the results:
Today, our puller has suffered many and important engine and aesthetic changes. We hope to bring more changes to improve it and realize our dream!